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Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show became the first show to raise $10,000 in WJCU's 55 year history!

In the first hour of the second radiothon show, Basement Dwellers pledged a record $3,777 in just one hour, breaking the record that was established just one week earlier by over $100.

On February 17, 2024 at 5:55 pm, a pledge came in for $555.55 that pushed the total over $10,000! Up until that point, no show in WUJC/WJCU history had ever raised $10,000.

By the end of the show, the total amount pledged reached $12,525.26! Establishing a new WJCU record for the total amount raised for one show. That record only lasted about a minute.

As Jumpin' Joe signed off the air, the legendary Dave Atkins showed up with a Buckinghams LP for Jumpin' Joe! Upon hearing the total amount raised, he asked, "how much more do you need for $13,000?" The answer: $474.74. Atkins then replied, "I'll make out a check for $474.74!" Thus, bringing our total to exactly $13,000!

A few more pledges came in after the show at, bringing the unofficial total (as of February 19, 2024 at 10am eastern) to $13,105!

$13,105 total raised as of this post during Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show!

You can continue to pledge online at until Wednesday February 21, 2024, so that number could climb. If not, $13,105 is a great number! 13 happens to be Mrs. Madigan's favorite number, and 105 was Jumpin' Joe's favorite radio station growing up (WMJI 105.7 circa 1995).

Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show reached it's goal of $10,000, did WJCU reach it's overall goal of $65,000? The answer: YES! Never in WJCU has the radio station hit $65,000, and that number continues to climb as last minute pledges continues to come in.

Here are a list of records and milestones established during WJCU Radiothon '24

  1. $2,768.24 pledged during JJBS in the first half hour of the show! (2/10/2024)

  2. $3.777.62 pledged during JJBS in the first hour of the show (breaking the record established a week earlier of $3,646.24)! (2/17/2024)

  3. $6,008.24 total pledged during the first radiothon show! (2/10/2024)

  4. $6,154.06 total pledged during the second radiothon show! (2/17/2024)

  5. $13,105 total pledged during JJBS (and counting)!

  6. $65,000 total raised for WJCU - a new radio station record (and counting)!

"I've run out of superlatives to use to describe the magnitude of this historic radiothon. All of you who donated made this possible, and I thank you so very much! Basement Dwellers, you are the greatest listeners in the history of radio! I sincerely mean it! I hope to meet each and every one of you on Wednesday April 03 from 6-9pm in the O'Malley Center on the campus of John Carroll University. WJCU will host a "pick-up party" so you can pick up your premiums, including the limited edition JJBS coffee mug. I hope I can thank you in person then! Thank you for making this a hall of fame worthy radiothon by supporting the home of Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show, WJCU during Radiothon '24" - Jumpin' Joe Madigan

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