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CKLW BIG 30 - July 26, 1971

On Saturday July 29, Jumpin' Joe will count down the songs featured on this CKLW BIG 30!

Tune into Retro Radio - The 70s Edition from 1-3pm (eastern) on 88.7 WJCU and to listen to Jumpin' Joe count them down in order!

Can't tune in during that time? Jumpin' Joe will have the show posted here soon!

Retro Radio - The 70s Edition is only on for the summer on WJCU.

New episodes of Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show will begin on August 12, so you will hear new episodes of both Retro Radio and JJBS on August 12 and August 19, the latter being the date of the final Retro Radio broadcast.

Call or text in your requests at

440-941-7075 or e-mail Jumpin' Joe at

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