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Cleveland Survey #4 - WKYC - 6/30/1967

It's Flower Power time at 50,000 watt WKYC!

Let's take a look at the front and back of the WKYC Sound 11 Survey from June 30, 1967. Sometimes the back side of the survey is more interesting than the survey itself, which is the case for this week's Sound 11 Survey.

There's nothing too unusual about the records on the survey, with perhaps an exception or two.

On this week's Sound 11 Survey, WKYC introduces the "Flower Child" Mike Wooley. Is he the same Mike Wooley that currently devotes his time hunting down "Big Foot?"

What is known about the WKYC Flower Child is that he sings, plays guitar, and passes out flowers.

Check out his ride! It's a 1967 Flower Power Plymouth convertible! Outta sight!

If you know the whereabouts of Mike Wooley or his Plymouth, please contact Jumpin' Joe immediately at

Let's take a look on the other side.

Again, nothing too out of the ordinary on this week's Sound 11 Survey. "Light My Fire" by The Doors went #1 on just about every radio station in the country, except in Cleveland as it stalls at #7.

No surprise with the #1 song as it too reached #1 on radio stations across the country. "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" dethrones "Windy," a song the Association performed two weeks earlier at the Monterey Pop Festival.

The only outlier on this survey is "For Your Precious Love" by Oscar Toney, Jr. (Toney is misspelled on the survey). It starts out as a spoken word record before going into a soul ballad similar to Percy Sledge's "When A Man Loves A Woman."

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