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Jumpin' Joe with Ray Carr and Other Updates

Jumpin' Joe joined Ray Carr for some record spinning on WCSB on July 12.

You can listen to an hour of that broadcast right now by CLICKING HERE. You can hear the entire broadcast at

You can catch The Ray Carr show every Tuesday morning from 7-11am on 89.3 WCSB in Cleveland and worldwide at

(Pictured left to right: Jumpin' Joe and Ray Carr at the studio of WCSB in Cleveland)


Due to a technical difficulty, many of you were unable to listen to the all Canada show. The issues has since been resolved, so you can now dig all these great killer Canadian records HERE!

Speaking of Canada, if you listen to the show at, you will only hear the second hour of the show every Saturday at 11am. It's a bummer, but they are only broadcasting one hour long programs at this time. You can catch the complete broadcast on WJCU or on any of the affiliated stations. As always, if you miss the broadcast, you can hear the podcast a few days after the broadcast.


Crack open a P.O.C. and turn on the lava lamp because it'll be all 70s records on Saturday August 13. Be sure you get your requests in now! Call and leave a message on the basement studio line at 440-941-7075 or send in an e-mail at . Jumpin' Joe tends to play records from the early 70s, but may be open to playing a record from later in the decade, so make it a good one!

You are guaranteed to hear a lost record from 1971 that will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY. Not only is the record an absolute killer, but you'll never believe who's singing it! If you can't wait until August 13th to hear the song, you're in luck! You will hear it on next week's show (August 6) because it'll be the mystery record!

Keep it CRANKED to 11!

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