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Ken Dixon Interviews Jumpin' Joe

Ken Dixon of Cleveland Live Music interviews Jumpin' Joe about his 20 years on the radio and the music that he plays. Jumpin' Joe will show you his very first record player and how a bumper sticker on the dust cover gave him the inspiration for Retro Radio.

You'll also hear a little bit about Jumpin' Joe's time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, his first concert, his first record album, some Cleveland baseball stories, and how he came up with the concept of the Basement Show!

Enjoy Ken Dixon's "Kenversation" with Jumpin' Joe Madigan.

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1 Comment

Randy Kotabish
Randy Kotabish
Apr 22

Great Interview and nice background information. Well done by Ken Dixon and gives a great inside look to Joe Madigan the person and his jump into music and beyond. Thank you, Joe, for the station shout out to WNYC-DB Oldies Radio Live 365 New York City in the beginning of the interview.

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