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Show #075 - The Forgotten Follow Ups

Jumpin' Joe features those "forgotten follow ups" from groups that many consider "one-hit wonders." Some of these forgotten records came from rock & roll hall of famers.

The Bob Seger System released "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" in late 1968, which reached #17 on the Billboard Hot 100. Bob Seger wouldn't have another national top 40 hit until 1976! He released many records in between, so what was the follow up to "Ramblin Gamblin' Man?" Spoiler alert: the 45 is pictured to your left. "Ivory" got played on CKLW before entering into oblivion. The follow up to "Ivory" is even more obscure, but Jumpin' Joe has it in his collection, and plays it for you on this edition of Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show.

What was the follow up to "96 Tears," "Just Like Romeo and Juliet," "Cool Jerk," "Backfield In Motion," or even The Choir's #1 hit in Cleveland, "It's Cold Outside?" All of these, and more, are answered!

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