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Show #099 - The B-Sides

Jumpin' Joe plays the B-sides to some of your favorite records in celebration of Vinylthon '21!

Some of these B-sides are just as good if not better than the A-side! Let's take The Gants' hit "Road Runner" for example. The B-side is "My Baby Don't Care." That should have been a hit! LISTEN for yourself!

There's also some surprises on some of these B-sides. Mercy had a hit in 1969 with the soft sunshine pop hit "Love Can Make You Happy." But what's on the B-side? Would you believe a FUZZ MONSTER! You'll have to listen to it to believe it. Also, the Lemon Pipers and Crazy Elephant had quite a different sound on some of their B-sides.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to the Vinylthon Special as Jumpin' Joe plays only the B-sides!

Original airdate: April 17, 2021

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