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Up All Night with Jumpin' Joe

Vinylthon 2022 kicks off next Friday night at midnight as Jumpin' Joe spins records for 6 straight hours from midnight to six. He'll spin mostly LPs, and many of them come from the WUJC record library. You'll hear album cuts that classic rock stations forgot about.

Radio stations participating in Vinylthon are awarded the "Golden Slipmat Award." This year, radio stations must dedicate a minimum of 12 hours of playing music strictly from records.

To ensure that happens, Jumpin' Joe will spin LPs for 6 hours from midnight to 6 am on Friday night going into Saturday April 23 on 88.7 WJCU.

Jumpin' Joe will then be back at 5pm as he kicks the speed up on the turntable to 45 rpms with the all A-side/B-side Show. Jumpin' Joe alone will be playing records for 8 hours on WJCU.

Watch Jumpin' Joe's announcement and see some of the records that will be played from midnight to six a.m. on April 23 on WJCU.

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1 comentário

Steven Green
Steven Green
16 de abr. de 2022

Plan to listen Saturday morning. Midnight Eastern.

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