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Upcoming Shows Down In The Basement

All Beatles without The Beatles, All Canadian Bands, and your summer time favorites are some of the special shows coming up this summer down in the basement.

Here's the schedule of upcoming shows:

5/22/2021 - All Beatles Without The Beatles

It's all your favorite Beatles songs NOT performed by The Beatles.

5/29/2021 - Summer Means Fun

It's a three day weekend as we celebrate the unofficial start to summer, and Jumpin' Joe has beer boxes full of summertime records to spin for you. What are some of your favorites? E-mail Jumpin' Joe now at or call the basement studio line at anytime at 440-941-7075.

6/26/2021 - All Canada

By popular demand, Jumpin' Joe celebrates Canada Day a few days early (July 01) as he plays records from Canadian bands. In addition to The Guess Who, The Five Man Electrical Band, and Gordon Lightfoot, Jumpin' Joe spins some killer records that were huge hits in Canada but never made it in the United States. You'll hear records from The Chessmen, David Clayton Thomas (pre Blood Sweat and Tears), R. Dean Taylor, Thundermug, Mandala, and more!

7/03/2021 - Independence Day Special

Jumpin' Joe spins records that have an American city or state in the title. How many states will be mentioned? What songs do you know that feature American cities or states in the title or song lyrics. Your suggestions are welcomed at or you can call the basement studio line at 440-941-7075.

7/10/2021 - 2nd Annual Beach Battle: Jan & Dean vs. The Beach Boys

The perfect soundtrack for your trip to the root beer stand as Jumpin' Joe moderates the annual battle between Jan & Dean and The Beach Boys! A drag race will also be in order as Jan & Dean's Schlock Rod takes on The Beach Boys' Chevrolet 409!

8/07/2021 - That 70s Show

A huge hit last year, Jumpin' Joe plays all the good records from the early 1970s. Not only will he spin the classics, but also the lost and forgotten that are no longer played on the radio. Got a favorite song from the early 70s, e-mail or call in with your request!

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