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WJCU Radiothon '23 (Feb 10-19, 2023)

If you enjoy hanging out down in the basement every week, this is the time to show your support for WJCU, the show's flagship station.

WJCU is a non-profit, non-commercial, non-government funded radio station that relies on Basement Dwellers like you to keep the good sounds alive for another year.

WJCU celebrated it's 50th anniversary in 2019, and we want to make sure the golden years are here to stay, and it will with your support!

Jumpin' Joe's goal is to raise $6,700 during JJBS. Last year we set a record at $7,674.37! WJCU set an overall record by bringing in over $61,000. Can we set new records in 2023?

In thanks for your support, we have some awesome NEW premiums this year.

$25 Pledge: WJCU keychain bottle opener or tote bag

$40 Pledge: Merchant of the day*

$50 Pledge: WJCU travel mug or WJCU shotglass

$60 Pledge: WJCU Radiothon T-Shirt (featuring the above logo)

$80 Pledge: WJCU beanie

$100 Pledge: WJCU hoodie

*Depends on availability and you must call in to request this premium.

You can pledge online ahead of time at starting on Friday February 10, or you can call in during the show at (216) 397-4438. If you are writing a check, please make sure you make the check payable to WJCU.

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