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WJCU Radiothon Exclusive!

Thanks to the generosity of a loyal Basement Dweller, you can have your very own limited edition JJBS ceramic coffee mug by donating to WJCU during Radiothon '24!

On Saturday February 10 at 5pm (eastern), call WJCU Radio at (216) 397-4438 with a $50 pledge to receive this limited edition JJBS Mug! 100% of your $50 tax deductible donation goes to maintaining the daily operations of WJCU.

Important note: You must call in with a pledge if you want this mug. You cannot get this mug if you pledge online.

This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe.

If any mugs remain after the first radiothon show on February 10, they will once again be available during the second radiothon show on February 17. Remember, there's only a limited number of mugs.

WJCU is a non-profit, non-corporate, non-commercial radio station that relies on your financial support to remain on the air. Since WJCU is celebrating 55 years on the air and establishing the WJCU Hall of Fame, let's have a hall of fame worthy radiothon by doing something that no other show has ever done in the history of the radio station; raise $10,000!

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