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Best Beatles Covers - FINAL FOUR (Spoiler Alert)

Updated: Mar 20

(Updated 3/19/2024 at 7:30pm) It's the Final 4 in our Basement March Madness Tournament! Which Beatles covers will go on to the championship round? It's time to vote!

We have a tie! Round 3 - Match 2 between Punch and Yes ended in a tie with each receiving 35 votes. We go to our very first overtime!

The voting continued until 7:30pm (eastern) on March 19, 2024. Results are below

Here are the results as of 1pm on Tuesday March 19, 2024:

Round 3 - Match 2 ended in a tie at 1pm, so the voting remained open until 7:30pm.

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1 Comment

Randall Kotabish
Randall Kotabish
Mar 16

Votes are in. I still got a chance to win this thing!!! It was not easy going against The Wicked One but rolled the dice.

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