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Basement Dwellers broke three Radiothon records on the first weekend of WJCU Radiothon!

In the first half hour, you pledged $2,768.24, which is nearly two hundred dollars more pledged than last year's power hour!

You established a new record for the amount pledged in one hour: $3,646.24!

By the end of the first show, you pledged a total of $6,008.24! A brand new record for the first Radiothon show!

Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show's goal of $10,000 is certainly within reach! You can pledge online throughout the week at! Tune in Saturday February 17 for the JJBS WJCU Radiothon '24 finale from 5-7pm (eastern) on 88.7 WJCU or!

There are still mugs available (as pictured above). You can have the mug for a $50 pledge by calling in from 5-7pm eastern/

2-4pm pacific at 216-397-4438.

(Must call in for the mug).

Let's have a Hall of Fame worthy finish by doing something that no show has ever done in the 55 year history of WJCU: raise $10,000 during Radiothon! Can we do it?

Dick Clark thinks so!

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