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Freddy Cannon covers...The Doors?!?!

Quite possibly one of the most improbable recordings in rock & roll history, Freddy Cannon covered The Doors' "20th Century Fox." But wait...there's more! Backing up Freddy Cannon is The Strawberry Alarm Clock! Holy turntable, Batman! Released in the summer of 1967, this would be Cannon's final release on Warner Brothers. The B-side is "Cincinnati Woman," written by The Strawberry Alarm Clock. It's a cool b-side that's worth the listen. This mind-blowing record did not chart nationally, and there's only one known instance of the record ever being played on the radio. The disc jockeys at KEAN in Brownwood, Texas gave it a few spins, and it reached #33 on the "KEAN Official Top 40 Chart."

The next Freddy Cannon release was also a cover, but one that made more sense as he covered "Rock Around The Clock," released on We Make Rock & Roll Records in 1968. It bubbled under the Billboard Hot 100 at #121. It would be Cannon's final charting hit until 1981.

This record is hard to find, so if you have it in your collection you can consider yourself lucky!

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