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Jumpin' Joe's Picks (August 2023)

Jumpin' Joe plays his "Pick Of The Week" towards the beginning of the second hour of every show. Here are his picks from August 2023.

August 19: Apple - Buffalo Billycan

A British psyche band released this great psyche-pop record in 1968. This song was recently featured in the box set "Think I'm Going Weird: Original Artefacts from the British Psychedelic Scene 1966-68." Expect this one to be in Jumpin' Joe's Top 10 Discoveries of 2023!

August 26: Adam's Recital: There's No Place For Lonely People

Another European cult-classic from a band out of Belgium, "There's No Place For Lonely People" was the only release from Adam's Recital, and it's an absolute killer!

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