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Let's Make History Again!

Jumpin' Joe returns to the studios of WJCU for two weeks of live broadcasts during WJCU Radiothon '22, the most important time of the year for the radio station and Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show.

Since WJCU is a non-profit, non-corporate, and non-government funded radio station, WJCU relies on listener support to keep 88.7-FM on the air for another year.

It's also a very important time for Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show (JJBS). Donating to WJCU during JJBS shows the staff and management how important the show is to the station.

Last year, you donated over $7,000 during JJBS. Combined with Retro Radio, you donated over $9,500! With your support, WJCU smashed all radiothon records and ended with a grand total of $57,193!

For the first time ever, WJCU is setting the Radiothon goal at $60,000. With your help, we can reach it for the first time ever!

Normally, the show's goal during radiothon is 10% of the radio station's overall goal, but not this year. This year we're gonna kick it up to 110% for a total of $6,600.

Why is donating during JJBS so important?

Three times a year, JJBS must apply to keep the show on WJCU. Since the radio station does not subscribe to Arbitron, the company that provides ratings information for radio stations, WJCU's way of measuring a show's listening audience/popularity is by the amount the show raises during Radiothon. Showing the management of WJCU that this show can bring in more than 10 percent of the radio station's overall goal speaks volumes!

If you enjoy hanging out down in the basement every week, please show your support by donating to WJCU during JJBS.

Radiothon Show #1 on February 12 will feature all Cleveland bands. The following week (February 19) is the radiothon grand finale!

There will be gifts (premiums) for your support. There are new premiums for 2022, and you'll really like them. More will be announced next week at

Rockin' Ray's Record Recall's goal is $2,270. Combined with JJBS's goal of $6,600 give the two shows a goal total of $8,870 (88.7-FM).

All other radio stations that broadcast JJBS will feature "best of" shows on February 12 and 19.

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