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Radio Shows To Check Out

Have you ever wondered what Jumpin' Joe listens to when he's not spinning records?

Probably not, but perhaps you're searching for something good to listen to on your radio dial (when JJBS isn't on the air). Here are some of Jumpin' Joe's favorite radio shows.

As mentioned on Saturday's show (show No. 229), Mod Marty plays great mod and soul records from the 60s. Since he's based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he also spins some great Canadian gems that never made it south of the border. You can spend a few weeks digging around through his archive of over 400 shows!

Dave the Rave, who calls in from time to time, has over 100,000 45s in his collection! Okay, so it's more like 118,000. I don't know if Dave actually knows for sure, but he does play those great gems that deserve a second chance on the radio. He plays a lot of great soul and some garage.

My friend Ray Carr does a great morning show on 89.3 WCSB in Cleveland every Tuesday morning from 6 to 9am (eastern). He plays a lot of great forgotten gems from the 60s, and conducts some really insightful interviews, many pertaining to Cleveland's great pop cultural history. I've made a couple of appearances on the show.

Herb digs up some great soul gems from the 60s. He also does a set of blues too on Saturdays from 2-4pm (eastern) on 89.3 WCSB in Cleveland. I only wish Herb would talk more because he's got a great voice!

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Randall Kotabish
Randall Kotabish
03 mar

Relics and Rarities is indeed a great show to listen to. Listen to Relics and Rarities with Dave the Rave every Monday at 3pm eastern on Oldies Radio Live 365 New York City. Https:// You can also of course listen to Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show every Sunday evening at 6pm eastern. "High above The Empire State Building" as Joe always says.

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