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Retro Radio Returns!

Jumpin' Joe brings back Retro Radio with a 70s twist.

In addition to hosting Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show, you can catch Retro Radio: The 70's Edition every Saturday from 1-3pm (eastern) on 88.7 WJCU in Cleveland.

The format is WIXY 1260 meets WMMS as Jumpin' Joe spotlights the early 70s though records from the entire decade will be played. You'll hear 70s rock, soul, glam, prog rock, country rock, and power pop.

No disco, no songs that are played to death on WMJI, and nothing from the Grease soundtrack!

Retro Radio - The 70s Edition is only around for the summer, so don't miss a single show!

Here's your official oldies schedule this summer on WJCU!

10 am: The Ray King Variety Show Ray King

11am: Music & Memories with Terry Stevens

1pm: Retro Radio - The 70s Edition with Jumpin' Joe

3pm: Rockin' Ray's Record Recall with Ray King

5pm: Jumpin' Joe's Basement Show

(All time eastern)

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Barb Hanna
Barb Hanna
May 24, 2023

Great traveling tunes!


May 09, 2023

Saturdays on WJCU: helping to heal a lifetime of listening to corporate classic rock radio

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