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Show #122

Can you name the short-lived super group that featured Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell, and Winston Leg-Thigh?

What do the Strangeloves and Aretha Franklin have in common?

Wait...who's Winston Leg-Thigh?

These answers and more shall be answered on Show #122! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Original Broadcast: October 09, 2021 *In a dyslexic moment, Jumpin' Joe incorrectly called Winston Leg-Thigh "Winston Thigh-Leg."

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1 Comment

Steven Green
Steven Green
Oct 13, 2021

Thanks Joe for the show. You do your shows so well. Love hearing you play jingles. Also love to hear what you play from your "box of rejects." In my radio stations, we called them, "scrap vinyl."

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