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Up All Night - Vinylthon '22 Special

Jumpin' Joe spins records from midnight to six on WJCU in celebration of Vinylthon '22!

Vinylthon is an international event that coincides with Record Store Day. Over 100 radio stations from all over the world feature DJs playing records and only records.

Radio stations participating are awarded the Golden Slipmat Award. This year, in order to earn the award, a quota of 12 hours was set by the organizers of Vinylthon. To ensure this happened, Jumpin' Joe became your midnight to six man playing LPs from his collection and the WUJC record library. WUJC were the original call letters of the radio station from 1969 until 1998. The records are now stored in the old WUJC radio station in the clock tower on the campus of John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio.

In total, 18 hours were devoted to record playing on WJCU - a record high (no pun intended).

Listen in as Jumpin' Joe adjusts the turntable's speed from 45 rpms to 33 1/3.

Original Airdate: April 23, 2022

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